Tuesday, June 23, 2009

D-DAY for ED and The Loop

After three plus grueling months of non-stop CTA's, day in and day out, around the clock fighting...ED and IRC prevail in taking back 'The Loop' (R-6).

Red Alliance (RA) invaded Etherium Reach (ER) back in March 2009, after tensions between IRC and RA climaxed into war. Ironically, it was ED that would be invaded by RA. Luckly, the Coalition between ED and IRC, also known as Etherium Crossing Coalition (ECC) was strong as ever and allowed ED to engage in some of the most Epic fleet battles, small scuirmishes and POS warfare, the likes had not been seen since Goons invaded Delve.

What made this RA vs ECC war so important, was the fact that it went against The Mittani's wishes. The Goons have since the beginning of EVE been allied with RA, due to RA's dominance of the Time Zone. Goons did not want to see RA destroyed, so everything, from bribery, trickery and flat out lies, using the fear of spies was used by The Mittani and the Goons to make sure RA prevailed.

Against ALL odds, ED/IRC (and a small collection of smaller alliances) did what all of EVE deemed impossible. The impossible was to defy The Goons and specifically their ring leader, The Mittani of further psycho-bushido manipulation. Everyone feared the GIA (Goons Intelligence Agency) because of the deep penetrating havoc their spies could bring to any alliance they infested. From whole Alliance coffers being stolen to the desolvement of Band of Brothers (BoB) in an over night de-sov attack. Clearly, a single man, The Mittani, a Goon, was now using his past successes to intimidate and bully around nearly all of EVE's power blocs, without a shot fired.

The Loop, as it is known by ED, as being their main constellation of 2x refineries and 2x factories, was called home. The battle for the Loop, with RA (and a small collection of smaller alliances) would in 2 months time, finally break sov 4 in 3H5 and in the end take all 4 station systems. Effectively, denying ED of refineries and their home.

Not, only was the Loop taken, but an ED titan was lost in F9-FUV. To add insult to injury, as it were. Most Alliances in EVE thought that after the destruction of one of the few Titans ED commands AND losing the Loop, would surely bring internal fighting in ED and bring it crashing down to be disbanded and absorbed by IRC. But, this was not to happen. In fact, ED High Command ordered a full 3 days off...to rat/mine in IRC space or forget EVE altogether. This suprising move helped to keep ED pilots humble and reflect and rest, not crumble under the defeat.

Atlas Alliance began invading Insmother (RA's regional home) soon after the ED Titan loss. Atlas saw that RA was beginning to anchor small towers in ED space and not Large Towers. This was a fatal mistake by RA, in that it gave clear indication that RA was drained of ISK and resources. So, Atlas, Scorched Earth and Aggression began to invade Insmother from the South.

Not long after Atlas instigated an attack from the south, RA began to crumble from within. Some of RA's major corps began to fight each other, which in the end, caused Red Alliance to break up. Now, RA was on the back foot.

Now, was ED's chance to rally the troops, and take back the Loop. Now was the time that RA would make it's final push into Etherium Reach as a Last Stand effort, using RA's remaining forces.

D-DAY for ED, Sunday, June 21st, 2009.

Right before downtime, 200+ ED/IRC battleships logged off in TP-RTO. The order was given to stay logged into Ventrilo, while downtime ran it's course. As soon as EVE servers booted back up, D-DAY for ED would begin.

All in all, ED/IRC + Friends mustered up 300+ in TP-RTO and began POS Bashing soon after. In a neighboring system to TP-RTO RA's remaining forces logged in about 30 minutes later and formed up at a safe POS where a Titan would bridge them into TP-RTO in hopes of defeating ED's do-or-die operation to take back TP-RTO and ultimately 'The Loop'.

One hour after Downtime, an RA cyno was lit up in TP-RTO. This was expected. ED was prepared. A small group of no more than eight Stealth Bombers warp to the RA cyno and dropped their bombs. Just as they exploded, RA's 150 man Battleship armada jumped in at that single point. In a flash all 150 BS's were 1/2 armor or popped. Seconds later ED's 150+ BS fleet warp in at close range to finish off the already bombed and battered RA BS fleet!

RA tried to scatter the remaining forces around celestrial objects in TP-RTO but was swiftly hunted down and obliterated.

That was it... RA lost their entire BS fleet in a matter of 5-10 minutes. TP-RTO was now free for the taking.

All in all.. Dozens of RA towers were popped and Dozens replaced with ED towers.

D-DAY for ED was a smashing success.


  1. I was there and it was epic, good post :D

  2. Thanks for posting... I miss those battles. In a way it spoiled me and now EVE will never be as exciting as those times.