Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hulk Exhummer

The Hulk is bar none, the best mining ship in EVE. It out mines any tricked out BattleShip mining laser fit, and has 8000 m3 of cargo hold.

The Covetor is 1/5 the price, at 20 million ISK, where as the Hulk is a solid 100 million.

But, if you need a mining ship that can tank most ratt BS spawns, especially in Null security space mining, the Hulk is your Mining ship.

The Hulk is in a Class of it's own, called Exhummers. All exhummers get a mining bonus per level trained. They also are able to fit 4 mid slots, compared to the Covetor's 1 mid slot. Exhummers also have increased Shield Resists, HP and capacitor.

I will let you in on my uber Hulk Shield Tank Fit. It is able to easily tank most ratt spawns, allowing you to either keep mining or allow additional time for friendlies to kill the spawns or let your Medium Drones finish them off, before your tank breaks.

My Hulk's Uber Shield Tank is as follows;

3x Modulated Stripper II's with T2 mining crystals

1x c-type pithi shield booster
1x Invulnerability Field II
1x Cap Recharger II
1x Magnetic Field Scatter II (passive EM shield resist mod)

1x Power Diagnostic System II

The Mid slots and the PDS2 in the Low is what makes this shield tank able to be run Perma, while running the strippers. You will need to stagger your 3rd stripper, as to not overwhelm your capacitor recharge rate.

Since,  the Hulk has naturally amplified Shield Resists, across the board, adding the Invul II and Magnetic Field Scatter II will give you amazingly high Shield Resists. 77/75/75/66

Do not forget to train Shield EM Compensation to 4 or 5, to make the EM Magnetic Field Scatter II Shield Resist module even better!

The only way you can make this tank stronger is to use a B or A-type pithi Shield Booster. However, the B-Type will cost you upwards of 60 million and the A-Type a whopping 450 million ISK for a single module! While the c-type goes for around 12 million ISK.

The C-Type Pithi is almost as regenerative as 2x Small Shield Booster II's, but consuming only a fraction of your Hulk's capacitor.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Myrmidon Malubility

EVE Online boasts many ships and fits. One of my favorite ships, is the Myrmidon. It is a BattleCruiser, putting it somewhere between a Cruiser and a BattleShip.

Yes, I know, it has been nerfed. It no longer has the bandwidth to field 5 Heavy Drones, only 5 Medium Drones. But, it still packs a punch with 50% Drone HP and Damage at BC 5. It also has two 'built in' nano armor pumps (rigs) by virtue of the bonus of 7.5% armor repair amount per BC Level. (30% more armor @ BC 4 and 37.5% @ BC 5). 

So, typically most Myrmidon Pilots fit 2x Medium Armor Reppers and the rest resists.

I typically use the Myrmidon for boosting my Hulk by giving it Mining Bonuses while in a Fleet, using the Mining Laser Optimizer for reduced stripper cycles. To do this you need; Leadership 5, Foreman 5, Gank Link Specialist 3 or 4 and Director 3 or 4. 

Taking it a step further by training Director 5 and Cybernetics 5 will allow you to use the Mining Foreman Mindlink Implant, resulting in a MASSIVE boost to both mining yield and cycle time reduction. Get to this point, and you are an uber Mining booster for everyone in your Squad.

The Myrmidon can fit 6 hi, 5 mids and 6 low slots. 

When I am out ratting and/or boosting my Hulk, this is my setup.

3x 250mm Railguns T2 - Med Anti-matter Ammo
1x Mining Laser Optimizer Gang Module
1x Salvager
1x Tractor beam

4x Cap Recharger II

2x Medium Armor Repper II
1x Exp Armor Hardener II
1x Kinetic Armor Hardener II
1x Therm Armor hardener II
1x Damage Control II

With the above set up, I can boost my Hulk's mining yeild quite a bit, and is also able to take out any BS spawns, loot and salvage wreckages. Since, the Myrmidon has a small cargo hold, I throw the loot in with the ORE inside the Hulk's mining Jet Cans, to be hauled away.

The Myrmidon is so versatile, I have now begun training for use in Alliance Fleet Ops or CTA's.

What I want to do is support my 'Squad of Ten' by giving them, and myself, a lot more armor resists, by equiping a Passive Armor Gang Module. Along with Armored Warfare V to give 10% armor HP and 10% armor resists! If, I train for the Armor Warfare Mindlink implant, I can boost this up to 15% armor and resists.

Now, how is that for a lite command ship? I say 'lite' because, the Eos, is a true command ship, able to fit 3 gang modules, versus the 1 on the Myrmidon. But, Eos requires months of training and costs tripple the amount. So, until then, the Myrmidon is more that adaquate.

It is possible to fit additional Gang Assist modules, on the Myrmidon, but you need Warefare Link Specialist 5 and fit a Command I module in a mid slot. Which, is pretty cool, but a long term plan as the skill time will be nearly a month or more.

The next question is what to do with the rest of those HIGH slots. Ideally, we will need 1 Drone Augmentor (20km more drone range) and the Passive Armor Gang Link, to give out Armor Resist bonuses.

But, what about the other 4 HIGH slots left?  I was thinking about either;

a) Equiping 4x Medium Remote Armor Reppers II


b) Equiping 4x Medium Railguns II - Spike Ammo

That way I can boost my squad, while dealing damage semi-long range using Drones and Tech II Railguns with Advanced Ammo.

Or solely, rely on using just Drones, maybe by adding another Drone Augmentor for an additional 20km Drone Range and replacing the 3 remaining HIGH Slots with Medium Remote Armor Repper II's. Acting as a Remote Rep for during and post combat OPs.

Either way, I would stay out of range of the main battle and doing damage with my Drones and Guns or Remote Armor Repping, instead.

As for Level 4 Mission running. 

The Myrmidon is more than capable of doing what only BattleShips were ment to do. Again taking advantage of the Drone and Armor Repair Bonuses, one can fly through Level 3 missions like a hot knife on butter, and do fairly well against most Level 4 agent Missions. Using the 2x Medium Armor Reppers II, specific armor resists, Med Railguns II, and finally, all Mids for Cap Recharger II's and an AfterBurner II.

As you can see, the Myrmidon is very versilte. 

It is cheap (around 34 million ISK), has a lower signature radius, than a BattleShip and is more agile to boot! 

Although, Myrmidon was nerfed in Trinity, by slashing it's Drone Bandwidth for 5 Heavy Drones, 5 Medium Tech II Drones are no joke, when it comes to damage the Myrmidon Drone Bonuses give at BC 4 and 5.

My Myrmidon is a staple ship. It allows me to mine 4 Jet Cans an hour boosting my Hulk, participlate in Fleet ops as an Armor Squad Booster and do Level 4 Agent Missions fairly easily.

The Myrmidon is often over looked, in regards to what it's intended role was. That role is of a Leadership platform to fit Gang Modules for both Mining and Combat, at the same time having powerful Drones and a good Armor Tank, with plenty of slots to utilize.

It is not nessassarily, the best PvP ship, as the Dominix and Heavy Assault Ships like the Ishtar may better be suited. But, when it comes to sheer flexibility for both mining and fleet Ops, the BattleCruiser called Myrmidon is a noteworthy and often over looked option.