Monday, August 30, 2010

Exploration (Complexes and Scanning)

Been awhile since I last posted. A lot has happened. I will leave out the boring details and get right to the subject of this blog entry.

Exploration and Scanning down Complexes (or Plexing for short)

I will tell you the punch line now, because after hearing it you may want to continue reading.

My very first Solo Complex run netted me 1.1 Billion ISK. Ok, got your attention? It sure got mine! So, here goes the story.

I just moved out to Deklein 0.0 space with an Alliance called Black Core Alliance. I also joined a new corp called Cloak and Daggers, a U.K. corp. (I guess I wanted to try something new with these U.K.ers)

I had finally gotten bored of the mindless grind of shooting Sanctums all day and wanted to try Exploration and Scanning down complexes with Core probes. (Although very profitable at around 40m an hr, these Sanctums. If you manage to get a few in a row to yourself.)

I ran a 6/10 Gurista complex with a few Alliance members, but it yielded no esculation and no loot to speak of. So, I decided to scan Solo, picking a random system next door. Low and behold, a 6/10 Gurista's plex! So, I google the name of the Complex and goto eve wiki and read that it is easily solo'able in a HAC. I was flying a MWD/Heavy Assault Missile II fitted Drake, so decided to go for it.

The rats where easy, with loads of frigates and cruisers. I won't describe the details, but I did have to warp out a few times to let my shields recharge. After only about 20 minutes, I reached the end and blow up the target structure, open the can that drops and find the following before my eyes:

Gila 1 run BPC
Overseer Effects
Pithum Medium A-Type Shield Booster

I knew the Overseer FX was worth 51m and the Gila about 125m or so. But, had not checked the shield boosters value, as I never heard of one, besides the Pithi type shield boosters, which are worth a pretty penny as well.

I dock up and tell my corp members how excited I was to have found a plex on my first system, first scanning attempt and getting loot to boot. One corp member than said, "Do you know how much that shield booster is worth?" No... I didn't so, I look up contracts and BOOM 850-900 million ISK for a single shield booster.

I built the Gila and sold it off as well as the Pithum A-Type in Jita. Not bad for a first Scan/System/Solo Plex run, aye? Well you can imagine I got pretty hooked on Scanning because of this extraordinary luck. (Makes me wonder if CCP programmed the game to do this intentionally as a way to enhance the high and keep an EVE addict, addicted.)

PS: I won't bother posting my Drake fit, as anyone that flys one knows of the mundane shield buffer tank a Drake has. But, I fit HAMs and not Heavies, using a MWD to get up in their face.