Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Myrmidon Attacked while on assignment...

Well, I had just found this sweet, sweet mining spot. Arkonor, Crokite and Bistot was everywhere, and the condensed kind. (Like Prime and Crimson Arkonor, for example.)

It was in a remote system within my Alliance's Region, where hardly anyone traveled. So, I thought it was safe from enemy roaming gangs, as well. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Just as I fill 4 jetti cans full of Prime Ark, I left my Myrmidon back with the cans and headed out, in the Hulk, to get my cargo rigged (34k m3 cargohold) Minmitar Mammoth Industrial Hauler.

Just as I was undocking, while in the Mammoth, I alt-tabbed over to my Myrmidon account, to my suprise notice a Negative Red enemy, in tight orbit going at MWD speed, around my Myrmidon! No damage had been taken yet. I instinctively deployed my Hammerhead II's and start to attack the orbiting enemy Taranis.

A Taranis is an Inty, Cepter or Intercepter class ship. It has amazing speed, primarily used to tackle larger ships. Well, he had me tackled with a Warp Scrambler and Web Statifier. He was orbiting at a very tight 500 - 1000km, going at full MWD speed. As a result, this rendered my 3x Medium Railgun II's, loaded with Antimatter, completely unable to track hit him and land any blows. My only hope were my drones, which he quickly, one by one, blew apart.

After all my drones where gone, he focued on my Myrmidon. In 3 or 4 volleys I lost all shields and was into armor. 

Now the interesting part of this story, is that on my Myrmidon, I had JUST reconfigured my Armor tank from a 3x active resists (explosive, kinetic, thermal), to using 2x EANM I's (Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane) and using the 3rd leftover slot, to fit a Capacitor Power Relay II, (26% cap recharge bonus). Since, I already had 4x Cap Recharger II's in my mids, I was now 'Cap Stable' and able to perma run all Highs, Mids and Lows. This includes, Railguns, Mining Gang Bonus, Afterburner and most importantly my 2x Medium Armor Repper II's. This reconfiguration, done only one day previously to this attack, is what saved my Myrmidon from POP!

Had I not been able to perma run both my Armor Reppers, the Taranis would have had me popped and probably podded. (You will understand how a frigate could pop a Battlecruiser after seeing the Killmail, coming up.)

As soon as I saw the negative red, orbiting me, I typed in Alliance INTEL channel for help. Amazingly, (well not really for my Alliance) at 3 am in the morning or 1 hour before DT, 5 guys responded with, 'Where are you?'. So I did, but they were 10 jumps out. (Mostly patrolling the entry points to the Alliance when coming in from Empire. However, I was in the heart of Alliance space and therefore many jumps away from any help.

Things in EVE PVP happen so fast, it is somtimes a time blur, after the fact. After I requested help, burned through all my drones and than tried to AfterBurn around to no avail to try and get tracking lock on the Taranis, finally an Alliance member shows up in LOCAL. 

He asks... "Where are you?", I replied, "III-2". Yes, I was in an asteroid belt, surrounded by 4 full jetti cans of mined Arkonor!

As soon as the friendly 'blue' shows up, the Taranis peals out of orbit and attempts to get out of the area. I had him in 3/4 armor damage, with some shield recharged by than.

Then seconds later, 4 more blues showed up. One guy in a Claymore (another BC but a Command Ship) decided to stay with me and help guard the jet cans, while the rest, went to hunt the Taranis down.

At that moment was when I started to continue my movement of the Mammoth to haul away the 4 jetti cans of precious Ark. It would take 3 trips. I could, at anytime be Intercepted by the Taranis, but I decided I had enough blue Alliance support to not fear lossing my 100 million ISK cargo rigged Mammoth. 

In the time I was hauling the last Arkonor load, the Taranis was popped in some far away location from where it all started, and he was also podded.

I guess, to the Taranis's bad misfortune, while my Myrmidon was easily armor tanking his DPS, allowed multiple Allies to come in from all directions and cut off any escape he may have had.

I myself feel grateful that...

a) My Hulk or Mammoth was not there when the Taranis decided to show up.
b) I reconfigured my Myrmidon's armor modules. (2x EAMN I, 1x Cap Power Relay II)
c) The Taranis did not pop any of my 4 Ark jetcans, he probably didn't have time to react.

The fact that, he had the balls to even attempt to take on a Myrmidon, was revealed in the Kill Mail. His Taranis was fully fitted for GANK. 

Taranis Fit

3x Small Heavy Blasters II

1x Tracking Computer II
1x Web Stasis II
1x Warp Scrambler II

1x Tracking Amp II
1x Magnetic Stablizer II

2x Hybrid Damage Accelerators I

This Taranis, all in all, cost 50 million ISK, which is a lot for an Inty!

I was proud that my Myrmidon Armor Tank worked so well, even against a ferious attack frigate ship with a speed tank and 3x gank blasters. In the end, my Myrmidon's dual reppers had enough defensive HP regeneration to keep the armor tank stable, and able to run perma.

So, without my Allies, it would have been a stale mate. Someone would have had to intervene at some point. Luckly, it was in my favor.

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